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Marketing and design is one vital part of the business without which you would not be able to enlarge your trade. If you are in business, then you must be familiar with how difficult it is to survive and thrive in a cut-throat environment. Every day, you have to present your company’s work in a different way from the norm so that your business can have its image. And this cannot be possible without marketing and design.

Our services

At Impact Marketing & Design Inc., we aid businesses REWARD, REMIND, and INSPIRE both their employees and loyal customers. As such, we have services that can be customized to specific businesses to promote and establish said businesses in a way that will yield the best possible results. Such services include;

Marketing Consulting

Small and large businesses today rely heavily on the marketing consulting services because they want to differentiate themselves from competitors for benefits and, if possible, take the lead in the market. As such, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best marketing campaigns for the businesses in our care.

Custom Logo Design

A custom logo is everything for a business. This logo identifies your business, and if it doesn’t make an impression, then your business is in serious trouble. Custom logos reflect the real identity of your business, especially for small and start-up businesses; it is crucial. Custom logo designs created are completely bespoke and once finalized, you have complete ownership of conception, giving you the ability to get the artwork copyrighted or trademarked.

Marketing Materials  

Business marketing tools can promote people’s awareness because these materials provide data about the product or brand. With all the rough competition in today’s marketplace, how can customers remember the product that you are selling?

Promotional Gifts & Products

Impact also specialize in providing promotional gifts and apparels. We distribute branded and customized items with your company logo or message and marketing promotions. Impact Marketing is one of the leading suppliers of custom logo T-shirts, custom shirts, promotional gifts, custom gifts, custom logo products to advertising companies and event companies.

If you are looking for these and other services, Impact Marketing & Design Inc. is the best place to be.

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