Direct Marketing Mailer Strategy 2011-09-26T13:49:33+00:00

Impact encourages our clients to embrace a well-rounded marketing strategy, and often times this includes print media. If you are looking to use your mailing list to send direct mail to your current and/or prospective customers, we’d be happy to help! In today’s electronic world, there is something to be said for a promotional print piece you can see, touch and feel.

We are able to coordinate your direct marketing mailer strategy by not only providing the finished printed product, but also by getting you a bulk mailer rate as well. If you have a marketing piece that needs to be sent out to a large group, don’t waste your hard earned money on stamps or meter postage. By purchasing postage at a bulk rate, the price per piece decreases and you keep more marketing dollars in your budget!

Flyers, postcards, letters and more. We’ve got all of your direct marketing mailer needs covered. Go ahead and contact us for a custom quote by calling (888) 441-1233 or by submitting a request for a quote online. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what we can offer your business!