How to Make the Most of Your Promotional Products

Just because you are pumping money into marketing, doesn’t mean you’ll always get the results you want. It is said that 80% of money spent on advertising ends up getting wasted. If you want to use promotional products for your campaign there are a few rules you need to follow.

Target Audience

In marketing it is imperative that you craft your strategy with the target audience in mind. This is a simple well known fact. Yet many businesses ignore this simple fact. Some may duplicate an idea from another business, but that business may have a different type of prospect.

The first question every business needs to answer is, “who are we talking to?” This should serve as the basis for planning your strategy. A significant part of advertising budget can be wasted on promotional products aimed at the wrong target.

Message Delivery

Promotional products should be creative and focused at communicating the intended message to your prospects. Customer loyalty can be boosted if there are used to express gratitude in a personal way that is intended to forge a positive link with your existing or potential customers.


To get the greatest impact your products should be useful to your clients. If it is a T-shirt it ought to be something they’d want to wear. This keeps the name of your brand at the top of their minds for an extended period of time. Some companies have catchy slogans that are appealing to the intended audience. For example, “Where’s the beef” by Wendy’s has proven to be a winner.


Good promotional products are relevant to the brand they seek to promote. In other words, they should remind your customers of who you are and what you do. For example, branded road safety kits from insurance companies, or branded toothpaste from a dentist.

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