How to Effectively Distribute Your Promotional Materials

The use of promotional products is a tried and tested strategy for when you need to promote your brand. Once you’ve figured out what your promotional products will be, you will need to come up with a strategy on how to distribute them.


A contest is a great way to distribute your promotional products. Platforms like social media are great places to hold contests and attract new prospects to your business. The contest can have one great price for the overall winner, and smaller prices for the runners up. A hierarchy of contestants will ensure you stick to your budget and still distribute promotional products far and wide.

Rewards Program

A rewards program is different from a contest in that the reward is given to every person that attains a certain target set by the business owner. For example, branded t-shirts may be given to subscribers who’ve been on the list for a given period of time.

Trade Shows

Trade shows present an opportunity to showcase what your business has to offer. There is constant foot traffic of prospects who are likely to be interested with what you want to offer. However, the main problem with trade shows is that there are many other businesses offering similar promotional products for free. It is therefore important to ensure that your promotional material stands out from the crowd. To make the most of trade shows, create material that will resonate well with your target audience.

Social Media

Social media is a great platform that you can use to distribute your branded merchandise. If your products are good, it can have a viral effect and you can tap into your prospects network as you continue to grow your numbers on the platform. To make the most of it, ensure you keep your audience engaged, with surveys, polls and any other relevant content.

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