How to Define Your Target Market more Concisely

Defining the target market is very critical for any marketing campaign. It is not meant to discriminate who you will be promoting your products to. Rather, it is meant to focus on a specific segment of the market where your product has the best chances. This focus helps to increase the impact of your campaign and cut costs related to marketing.

Understand the Problems you Seek to Solve

If you are finding it hard to define your customer, go deeper into the problem you are trying to solve. Take your product and list down all its features. Then list the benefits of those features. Find out if there are other extended benefits beyond the benefits you listed.

For example, a web design service can create websites that are professional and fast. The benefits of a professionally service is that it brings more customers to the website. More customers mean more views and sales. More views leads to more exposure for the owner of the website.

Build Up a Picture of the Customer

Find out people who are looking for these benefits. Who is most affected by the kind of problems your business is trying to solve. Separate them by their income and locations. You may also create categories based on the sector of the economy they are in. For example, are they engineers, computer specialists, lawyers, manufacturers, etc.

Look at Your Company’s Strength

After you’ve taken time to build up the picture of your customer, you may still need to determine what type of customer to focus on. It may be time to look inwards. If you’ve worked with manufacturers before, that could be advantageous to your business. Your portfolio may demonstrate that you can solve their problems. The size of your company is another factor to consider. Can you handle clients from across the country, or are you better of focusing on a given state.

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