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If your business success relies heavily on commissioned sales people to get your brand out in front of new and old faces, shouldn’t you consider a consistent marketing strategy to ensure a uniform approach? Don’t run the risk of a disjointed marketing campaign. Impact can provide your business with a menu of corporate sales team marketing collateral to ensure that your representatives have the tools they need to remind their prospects about your business.

Our helpful and experienced team will help you put together a list of materials and collateral, pre-approved by your sales team and management to represent your company out in the field. Our recommendations for ensuring a success promotional product campaign for your representatives? Get them involved in the product selection process! One of the main reasons sales team marketing collateral gets unused or is unappreciated is due to the fact that the sales representatives themselves are not satisfied with the product. If they aren’t proud to call it their own, they won’t utilize it to secure relationships for your business…and we don’t blame them.

Ready to put the power of promotional products in your sales team’s hands? Let us help you put together a powerful strategy that will put your company’s best foot forward. Give us a call at (888) 441-1233 or submit an online inquiry on our Contact Us page.