Wrestle Mania Promotional Products

WrestleMania Promos Take Over Orlando  A week of magic and mayhem has ended as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) presented WrestleMania 33 – professional wrestling’s annual promo-filled Super Bowl inside Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. And, Counselor was on the scene to see all of the promotions that sponsors and hosts were running. An all-time [...]

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Effective marketing is the key to success

Is your marketing effective? You might manufacture the best product or offer the best services in the world. However, all your efforts could come to naught if the customers do not know about your product or services. Therefore, marketing is of prime importance in any industry. Unless people know about your products, there would not [...]

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How to Define Your Target Market more Concisely

Defining the target market is very critical for any marketing campaign. It is not meant to discriminate who you will be promoting your products to. Rather, it is meant to focus on a specific segment of the market where your product has the best chances. This focus helps to increase the impact of your campaign [...]

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How to Effectively Distribute Your Promotional Materials

The use of promotional products is a tried and tested strategy for when you need to promote your brand. Once you’ve figured out what your promotional products will be, you will need to come up with a strategy on how to distribute them. Contests A contest is a great way to distribute your promotional products. [...]

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The perfect market solution for a new start-up

This is a competitive world out there. You have to do something out of the ordinary to become successful in life. This applies to each one of us. It does not matter whether you are an individual person or a business enterprise. You need to have that spark that would propel you towards success. In [...]

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Impact Marketing

While Christmas is the time for giving, finding the perfect gifts for your friends and family is not always as easy as it seems.  It is important to take the time to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, which can be difficult. However, Impact Marketing offers a variety of gifts all in [...]

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Attracting them!

In today’s world, it can be really hard to set yourself apart from the rest. Even though we have entered a trend where everyone is celebrated for being unique and different from everyone else, the truth is that there are still a lot of things going on that push us towards being just one more [...]

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