Building Stong Customer Relationships

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I heard a story the other day about a retail location that decided to offer 50% off of everything. Sounds like a great deal, right? Well the night before, all of the employees were required to work into the night marking up all of the prices to twice the actual price. During the sale, everyone believed they were getting a great deal, when they were actually paying full price.
Surprisingly, I have heard and seen this story take place more than this one time. How do these business owners plan on keeping customer into the future? Maybe they didn’t consider the possibility that their clients would eventually find out. Once the customers found out about the “deal” they lost respect for the business and the owners, and opted to shop elsewhere. Once you lose the trust of your clients, it takes a very long time to get them to trust you again, if you are able to get them back at all

Times have been tough over the last few years, and many of you have been through ups and downs. I wanted to try a forum to get everyone involved. Please let us know here of a tip or two that you have personally used to build strong customer relationships through the more difficult times.

We have come up with the following tips that have helped us succeed. What are yours? Please share your insights and learn tips that have helped other businesses.

Dione says…

“Honesty is number one.

I enjoy getting to know my clients and some of them have become really good friends.

Understand their needs/their clients needs and fulfilling it, not just trying to push what I “think” on them. Guiding them when they need or ask…”

~Dione – Impact Marketing and Design

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