What are you doing to REWARD, REMIND or INSPIRE your clients?

At Impact Marketing and Design, we strive to understand the needs of your business and develop a custom marketing solution that delivers your message and REWARDS, REMINDS and INSPIRES your clients.

Whether you are a small business of just 1 or a large corporation with more than 1,000 employees, our expertise is creating cohesive and professional promotional products and uniform programs that make an impact with your customers. We focus on long-term results and lasting client relationships, because your mission is our mission!

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Dione Moser, Founder of Impact Marketing and Design

After traveling around the world for the Professional Bowlers Tour, Dione settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she founded a marketing solutions firm in 1999. Seeing the importance of a uniform program for large franchises like AMF Bowling, she quickly developed and refined a proven process for creating results-driven marketing and promotional programs.

In 2004, Dione moved to Southern California and started an office in Murrieta, where she could spend more time with her family and enjoy her hobbies more (which still includes bowling). She is passionate about all facets of marketing and has been helping brands refine their marketing for over 15 years!

To contact Dione directly, email her at dione@www.impact.ms or call (888) 441-1233.